January 12, 2011

2010 in memories..

Ok, today's entry let us recap what i have done or achieved in 2010!

- My son masuk Primary 1.
- Get an IT project from one of the govt ministry. Alhamdulillah..what a good start for year 2010.

- Preparation utk my bro's wedding.
- This is the start for my involvement in this business. After few readings, searchings etc..at last hati ni terbuka nak join the business.

- Busy with office task + the new business i venture. I am very grateful to have family that support me..and to my suprised, dalam bulan pertama jek i dpt dlm RM5k!
- buat roadshow kat sekolah2 bestari. Best experienced!

- celebrating dad's bday at Legend water chalet, PD! Best betul tempat tu.
- Again, we managed to get another project from one the Telco co, subsidiary of the famous telco.
- Alhamdulillah, bonus i earned for this month lebih sikit dari last month. Apa2 pun syukur!

May - August
- Sibuk dengan delivery utk project. Takde yang menarik..just monthly bday celebrations + makan2 with family members.
- Bonus $$$$$! this is the best part..even you're bz with ur current works , this business keeps on growing and demands makin banyak. Especially bila EXAMS nak dekat.
- Akhirnya - ALPHARD!

- Pergi holiday!
- Shopping MODE!

Oct, Nov & Dec
- Dpt lagi project IT, alhamdulillah!
- Universal studio, singapore...
- My coach, LV, gucci & tods..aiming for CHANEL , 2011

2010, mcm2 yg berlaku...alhamdulillah, rasa bersyukur dgn apa yg dicapai..kalau boleh tahun 2011 nak lebih maju lagi...Insyaallah

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